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OTC Daihen - DA 300P AC/DC Tig Welding Machine

Japanese design AC/DC Tig machines are universally accepted as setting the standards in the Tig welding of aluminium. The OTC Daihen 300P has unbeatable arc characteristics to maintain this claim. A unique, advanced and patented 80kHz high speed soft switching output frequency provides perfect arc start, arc stability, and weld quality on even difficult to weld aluminium castings, and the unique waveform produced offers smooth wire transfer in the weld puddle to enhance cleaning action, speed and weld fusion quality. The Hitachi range of Tig welding machines set the benchmark in the UK over many years for aerospace x-ray quality demands, the digital control software of the OTC Daihen DA300P surpasses it in both reliability and performance.

The benefits of the OTC arc software also transfers itself to DC Tig welding with instant arc strike and smooth ripple weld pool for easy control of wire feeding.

As with the family of Mig/Mag machines, the Tig welding machine produced by OTC Daihen, Japans largest welding equipment manufacturer, offers many high cost saving productivity, quality and reliability benefits.