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New Otc Diahen Mig/Mag Welding Machines

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DP270C Of Welders

In their efforts to maintain the lead they hold in Pulse Mig welding technology, OTC Daihen have recently introduced the new Welbee range of Inverter Mig/Mag Power sources. Developed in their Japanese laboratories over a six year period at a cost of over 10 million US Dollars, OTC Daihens engineers have designed and produced the worlds first bespoke industrial micro-processor for welding applications, built specifically to improve arc stability, performance, and therefore productivity in the Mig/Mag welding process.

This has enabled them to provide the most precise, fastest nano-second time feedback of arc control, realising weld quality far superior to anything else available on the welding machine market today.

Superior arc stability across the range on all materials providing virtually zero spatter, flat bead appearance, penetrating weld fusion, and fast travel speeds, all showing cost savings and instant payback of many thousands of pounds per welder per year .... Every year!

Please click on the video below for further information on this unique machine, and contact us on 01179 668431 to arrange a demonstration.