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Distributors Of OTC Daihen Inverter Welding Machines

OTC Daihen are Philpott and Cowlins flag ship range of Inverter Tig and Mig/Mag Welding Machines. Based in Osaka, Japan with the European distribution facility in Germany, OTC Daihen are recognised as world leaders in the design, development and manufacture of state of the art Inverter welding machines. Working closely with the famous electronics faculty at Osaka university, OTC pioneered and developed the worlds first ever digital controlled welding power source in 1997, and have continued to utilise their own renowned electronics R & D laboratories underpinned with massive investment, to expand and develop further generations of outstandingly reliable advanced performance welding machines. This has enabled the company to constantly develop new waveform control software, further stabilizing the welding arc to deliver the best welding conditions available on the market today, in both Mig/Mag and Tig welding processes.

Old Technology Mig/Mag Machines Waste Money...

Step-voltage transformer rectifier technology is 50 years plus old! No forward thinking company would consider buying a 50 year old technology car, telephone system or even a vacuum cleaner for their employees to use, so why do fabrication companies where weld quality is important, still buy old technology machines which cost them many thousands of pounds a year in lost productivity and inferior weld quality?

The many inherent faults associated with transformer/ rectifier Mig/Mag machines including lack of fusion, time wasted removing weld spatter, distortion of the job piece, incorrect operator set-up, and poor cosmetic finish, not to mention the health and safety aspects of welders showering themselves with red hot sparks can all be eliminated by replacing the equipment with one of OTC Daihens unique range of Inverter Mig/Mag welding machines.

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